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What are Snapbooks?

Snapbooks are an innovative way to sell digital products, like ebooks, in a physical place, like bookstores, coffee shops, conventions, speaking engagements, etc.


Out of sight is out of mind — people don't buy what they don't see. Snapbooks put otherwise out-of-sight products in physical places where customers can see, hold, and buy them.

How does it work?

Take ebooks for example. Snapbooks can be placed on a bookstore shelf among the paper books. Readers see physical, book-like-objects sitting on the shelf. To buy the ebook, they simply snap a pic of the QR code to download the ebook, and put the Snapbook back on the shelf. Here's what one looks like:

Our patent-pending system helps you sell any digital or hard-to-stock physical items anywhere the customer is. Never run out of stock. Turn any physical space into an easy place to sell your cool stuff.

We are currently in beta test. Let us know if you'd like to participate.