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About Snap2Get and Snapbooks

Hi, I'm Andrew Burt, founder of Snap2Get.com and the Snapbook idea.

I've long been sad that you can't go into a bookstore or dealer's room at a convention and browse for & buy ebooks. After puzzling on this, we've hit on an idea in the ReAnimus Press think tank. Namely, a way to sell ebooks physically.

A Snapbook is a physical object like a DVD movie case that has the book's cover on it, as a physical "book like object." This gives a "real book" simulation, at least as far as holding a DVD case is more like holding a book than, say, holding nothing at all. The idea is that it sits on the shelf/table among the print books. One Snapbook per title. Folks pick it up, say "Wow! I want this ebook!" :) and snap a pic of the QR code with their smartphone; or visit the short URL. Snap the QR, pay the money (paypal or cash to cashier), download the ebook.

The snapbook dvd-case goes back on the shelf for the next customer—never needs restocking, can sell an infinite (or at least "limitless") number of copies.

It also works with other physical objects, like posters, bookmarks handed out on panels, flyers on con tables...

For bookstores or convention dealers, the QR/URL identifies the seller, so they get their cut of the sale. We give 3rd party booksellers 30%, same as Amazon takes for ebook sales; for non-ReAnimus-published titles we take 15% for providing the service.

The DVD case is empty inside, though one could put in a few paper flyers for the book that the not-ready-to-buy customer could take with them, which would still have the URL and QR code on it they could visit later, giving appropriate credit for the sale.